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Channeling Your "Inner Outrage"

Leaked Audio- American Psychiatry Association Conference 2024

The American Psychiatry Conference was held in New York City May 4-8th, 2024.

On Monday May 6th from 3:45-5:15pm a panel was held titled, “Channeling Your Passion and ‘Inner Outrage’ by Promoting Public Policy for Evidence Based Transgender Care.”

The panel chair was Debra Barnett, M.D. The presenters were: Audrey La Noce, D.O., Jack Turban, M.D. M.H.S, and Gilbert Smith.

Efforts were made to provide you with the highest possible audio quality from leaked material.

If you only have time for one recording, we recommend the final one, which is 31 minutes and 56 seconds long.

This recording appears to show that the Cass Review is having an impact on healthcare providers. There were a number of audience questions directly referencing the Cass Review.

At one point, the panel requested that those asking questions identify themselves by name and credentials. This request was not well-received by the audience.

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