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The Boston T party - Endocrine Society Conference June 1-2.

Gender affirming care for minors in North America rests on 3 main pillars:

We therefore believe our efforts are best placed on influencing each of these organizations.

Several members of our team stood outside the Endocrine Society Conference in Boston, MA on June 1-2, 2014, to engage endocrinologists in conversations about their pediatric gender affirming care guidelines. Thousands of attendees saw us and our signs. Hundreds of conversations were had.

We've posted some highlights to our Substack, which we've compiled for you here:

Our call for donor support. We received many subscriber donations which helped pay for supplies and general expenses to get our team to this event. Thank-you!!

A reflection on the event by Lauren Leggieri:

A reflection on the event by Aaron Kimberly:

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